The Soul of New Brunswick

I think that the soul of New Brunswick is without a doubt Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (and not just because I was born there!).


The impact of the economy on business around Rutgers.

Being in the college life bubble it is sometimes hard to believe how much the economy is hurting the entire country, but then you talk to people and see how difficult things really are. For this project I decided to focus on one of the most time honored college (and Rutgers) traditions- drinking. I wanted to see how and if the economy was taking its toll on a buisness that in a college town is still vital to so many people.


George Street Co-op

The George Street Co-op is a natural foods market and cafe located on Morris Street in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The buisness’ name may cause some confusion about its location, but the amazing vibe inside is nothing to be confused about! George Street


Multimedia news stories

Polar bears are not an interesting subject to a lot of people. But as an avid fan of the TV show LOST- polar bears hold a special place in my heart. When I came across the following news story I was instantly fascinated, the life and migration of polar bears sparks my interest. I thought this story was a perfect example of multimedia as well, not only is there a sideshow showcasing different photos there is also video footage!


polar bears

Getting around Rutgers 2011

   Rutgers University is known by many as a ‘commuter school’, thousands of its students travel back and forth from home to class five days a week. But getting around campus simply by foot is a thing of the past. Students are seen racing from class to class on bikes and razor scooters, paying no attention to their fellow cruisers. Rutgers student Adam Casadevall spoke about how he gets around the campus, and what he likes and does not like about the transit system.



Changing the world one tree at a time.

Emily Yandoli is not your average 22-year-old college graduate. She did not spend her college years switching majors every week in an endless daze of post grad panic, she has known what her calling was basically since birth. Ms. Yandoli wants to change the world one tree at a time, she is a landscape architect with big plans for her future.  A graduate of the University of Maryland landscape architecture program, she has begun her occupational journey at AppleTree Landscaping in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Although currently working part-time on residential projects, Ms. Yandoli holds no barriers when it comes to her desire to keep making the world more beautiful…one tree at a time.

emily yandoli

Giuliana Rancic.

   Most people know Giuliana Rancic as the kind of funny looking chick who hosts E! News with the “hardest working man in show buisness” (at least to himself)- Ryan Seacrest. But most what people don’t know is that she actually is just as hard-working as her E! News co-host. Not only does she host the nightly news program, she is also one of the hosts of the Friday night fashion special on E! titled Fashion Police. As well as staring in her own reality TV show centered around her busy life with husband Bill Rancic. She recently founded a brand new website/blog called “FabFitFun”  to cater to the health conscious American.

    Most people find it pretty weird that I would want Giuliana Rancic’s career. Considering celebrity news isn’t the most hard-hitting field of journalism that anyone could enter, and I know that it isn’t the most ‘impressive’ of dreams. But I believe that you only get to live one life, and I want to LOVE my job. The entertainment industry is something that I have always been drawn to, and they do say that as long as you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life right? If I could end up having ONE of the jobs that Giuliana has I will be a very happy lady… but I do refuse to ever have to share a show with Seacrest.

ohh haaayyy

ohhh haaayyy. This is sOoOoOo exciting.  I’m writing a blog. I wish I could type.

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